Complete Rangemaster Program

August 19,20,21,22 2019

Boston Moon Island Firearms Range

Registration Fee $495.00

Includes handouts and training manual, and certification of completion.


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Range masters and firearms instructors today must be proficient in a broad spectrum of subjects some of which are training, administration, and liability. They must have a comprehensive understanding of the responsibility they undertake when accepting this position. Programs that they design and implement train their officers to survive deadly threat encounters and could ultimately result in the taking another person’s life. In order to understand such great liability, range masters and firearms instructors must constantly prepare and accurately document for the possibility judicial review.
In addition to standard state qualification courses, firearms training must incorporate beneficial exercises and employ current adult learning strategies. Training teams must present in a consistent and purposeful manner and courses must be based on realistic events. Being a firearms instructor who teaches only from stale and outdated material is not enough today. Today’s Complete Range Master must oversee and guide the instructors under them so to ensure they are properly presenting quality and useful material.
This four day course is the journey to become the Complete Range Master. With an emphasis on developing immediately useable skills, the course incorporates lesson plan development through live-fire student-designed and graded practical exercises. It is designed for both novice and veteran firearms instructors who wish to enter a more advanced phase of their careers and duties.

AR-15/M16 Comprehensive Armorer Course

Registration Fee

$475.00 Includes handouts and training manual, and certification of completion.

Coming  Sept.  2019

Go to link above for schedule and Application

Randolph Police Academy

0800 hrs to 1600 hrs

Mike Dunlup is back in September with the comprehensive M16/AR15 armores course.  This is the course that always gets filled fast.   He will be here for 2 classes ask anybody who has taken the course you will know the system inside and out. Spots are filling fast well worth the $475.00

Coming Fall 2019

  • Mastering the Big Three
  • LESOA Recertification
  • 56 Hour Reserve Firearms Program
  • Utah Conceal Carry

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Recertification's  July 1 - Dec 1 2019

Level I Recertification's

Level II Recertification's

Level III Recertification's

Less Lethal Recertification's

New Certifications for 2019 /2020

Basic Firearms Instructor Course 12 Day

Level II

4 Day Level III Certification

Those want to Achieve Level III Status must Complete the MPTC 6 Day Instructor Development Course prior to signing up for this class


NEW:  All new Level II , instructors who wish to teach for MPTC must take the 6 day Instructor development  et with the